Common Medication Errors Among Seniors

Common Medication Errors Among Seniors

According to research, medication mistakes and reactions account for 17% of hospital admissions among those over the age of 66. While some are harmless, others can result in significant health threats. That’s where we at SERENE HOME CARE AGENCY LLC, your trusted health care provider in Pennsylvania, can help!

Hoping to lower this prevalence and promote awareness, allow us to share the most common medication errors made by seniors along with how our home care in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, can address them. They are as follows:

  • Overlooking Dosing Instructions

    Because of cognitive decline, seniors are especially vulnerable to overdosing. Several prescription medications also need patients to take them with precise instructions, such as a specific amount of fluids or with or without meals. Otherwise, the medication may be ineffective or even harmful to the elderly. With staff who are well-versed in medication management, your aging loved ones can easily avoid this with our help.

  • Mistaking One Medicine for Another

    Many seniors also mix up their medications due to similarities in names or appearances. As elder care experts, we can help avoid this by sorting their medications ahead of time and putting them into simple and comprehensible pillboxes.

  • Incorrect Medication Administration Routes

    Seniors may also get the administration wrong, such as swallowing a medication intended to be absorbed beneath the tongue. To reduce the likelihood of this occurring, they must get clear administration instructions from healthcare providers. We can provide seniors with a companion for their medical appointments for maximum outcomes.

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